Over the last few months, in our locality, we have all made considerable sacrifices to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please remember, this is not just about our own individual risk, but the chances of us passing COVID-19 on to our own family and friends, some of whom may be vulnerable. If everyone follows the guidance we can continue to control the spread and minimise the impact on ourselves and our community. With cases once again seen across our community, we remain ever grateful to everyone in the Gomer Community for doing ‘their bit’ to help keep everyone safe. For example, we have maintained staggered arrival and departure times, kept children learning and playing in their Bubbles and maintained set areas for Bubbles in the lunch hall, GClub and Woodpeckers. As the roadmap changes, life as we knew it, prior to COVID-19 is starting to get back to normal, with shops, cinemas, restaurants starting to reopen. However, COVID-19 is still circulating in very low levels in our community, and therefore, we all need to remain cautious to make sure as few people as possible are affected. The basic public health advice has remained pretty much the same all the way through this:

  • we all need to wash our hands regularly and practice good hand hygiene
  • we need to keep our distance, maintaining social distancing of two metres wherever possible
  • we need to avoid crowds, as these have the potential to spread the virus quicker
  • we need to keep to a minimum the number of households we have close contact with
  • adults need to cover their faces in many indoor public areas for a full list, visit here

Thank you, as always for your support: Be Kind – Be Safe – Be Responsible

Websites and Useful Information for Parents

Covid-19 Updates – CLICK HERE

Young Minds – Children’s and Young People Mental Health Charity – CLICK HERE

Welcome to Gomer Infant School

We are a friendly two form entry infant school set in the heart of Gosport. We pride ourselves on high expectations for all and our friendly and child centered approach to learning. We have developed a website that gives visitors an insight of our fantastic school so please explore!

Gomer Infant School and Governors are delighted to be part of a Federation with Elson Infant School

Sarah Duffy is the Executive Head Teacher across the schools. We have amazing, caring and talented staff working in the schools and the best way to understand Gomer Infant School is to visit us and we warmly invite you to contact us to arrange this.

Come and join us and be part of an exciting and dynamic future where ‘Together we shine’

Mrs Duffy - Executive Headteacher
Mrs Lloyd - Head of School