Reading for pleasure is an important key focus for us at Gomer Infant School, we want ALL children to leave us with a real love of books and reading.

Our Library

We have created a fantastic reading environment in our school library to help nurture a love of reading. There are a wide range of books for the children to choose from and comfy areas (mats, cushions and seating) for them use while reading. One section of the library is dedicated to fiction books and the other section to non-fiction.

Our library is also used throughout the day for our Read, Write Inc (RWI) Phonic sessions and for interventions including our RWI Catch Up intervention. For more information about RWI please click here.

Author of the Term

We have a focus area in the library displaying the author of the term and a selection of books written by that author. Children are welcome to read these books and the aim is to introduce the children to a range of different books by varying authors.

Education, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Books

Each week we have a special Book Share Assembly focusing on a range of EDI books. These books are then displayed in the library for the children to see, share and read. We value the importance of children having access to a rich variety of books including those that represent characters, authors and themes from a range which are diverse and inclusive.

Our Librarian

Mrs Stockham is our School Librarian. She has dedicated time to help keep our library well stocked, resourced and inviting for all of the children.

Library Time

All children have weekly library time. During this time they select books to take home to read for pleasure. The sessions are also used to encourage the children to learn library skills, so they know how to use the library effectively and know how to find the books they are looking for.

Please also have a look at our English page for further information about our English curriculum and our Reading for Pleasure Blog to see all the wonderful things we do to help us become brilliant readers at Gomer.

To find out more about how you can help to encourage a love of reading, please have a look at the World Book Day Hub for Families webpage for ideas, activities, reading lists and more.

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