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 Would you like to join us on the Governing Body?

We are currently looking for members of the community to join us on the Governing Body of the Elson & Gomer Infant School Federation.

We would be especially interested in speaking with you if you have expertise/knowledge with regard to property management or income generation.

However, if you have an interest in education, and a passion to ensure that we continue to provide the children with a safe, nurturing, happy environment in which together we can all shine, then we would very much like to hear from you!

Please notify the administrative staff at either school if you are interested in this rewarding role and they will put you in touch with a governor for a chat.

Name Category Appointed by Term of Office(no. of years, start & end dates) Responsibilities Voting Rights (if Associate Member)
Elizabeth Smith Parent

Resigned October 23

Parent 4 11/07/2023


All Governors on the Governing Body have voting rights.
Christopher Daniels Parent GB 4 21/11/2023


Matthew Dixon Co-opted GB 4 09/12/2019


Chair of Governors


Mark Whatley Co-opted GB 4 12/12/2023


Sarah Duffy Executive Head Teacher Ex-officio by virtue of office as Head Teacher N/A Executive Head Teacher
Chris Willis Parent Governor

Resigned January 2023

Parents 4 25/11/2020


Vice Chair of Governors
Lewis Brunt Parent GB 4 21/11/2023


Samantha Breeze Staff Governor School Staff 4 09/10/2019


Kerry Dixon Co-opted

Resigned May 2023

GB 4 21/12/2021


Lisa Kennedy Parent Governor

Resigned May 2023

GB 4 28/09/22


Antony Stanton Co-opted GB 4 28/09/22


Vice-Chair; Forum Rep; H&S; DTG; Pupil Voice
Debbie Clarke Co-opted GB 4 22/11/22


Safeguarding Governor (SCR checks), Website Monitoring
Julie Wharton Co-opted GB 4 26/06/2023


Inclusion Governor
Philip Higgins Co-opted GB 4 23/05/23


Safeguarding; Recruitment; Curriculum (English)
Tom Ridley Co-opted

Resigned March 2024

GB 4 11/07/2023


Curriculum (all other subjects); Early Years at Gomer Infant School
Eva Molea Clerk N/A

Name Name of Business Including: Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
S Duffy Executive Headteacher at The Federation of Elson Infant School & Gomer Infant School School Education 04/01/2021 18/10/2023
S Breeze Teacher at Elson Infant School School Education 01/09/2015 18/10/2023
M Dixon NIL 18/10/2023
L Brunt NIL 21/11/2023
C Daniels NIL 21/11/2023
M Whatley NIL 12/12/2023
P Higgins NIL 18/10/2023
E Molea Working for HCC Children Service ETHNIC MINORITY AND TRAVELLER ACHIEVEMENT SERVICE HCC Service HIAS 13/04/2016 18/10/2023
D Clarke Deputy Head at Locks Heath Junior School School Education 01/01/2023 18/10/2023
J Wharton Senior Lecturer of University of Winchester Higher Education Education 23/12/2022 18/10/2023
A Stanton Director of Stanton & Lincoln Insulation Services Energy Efficiency Company Director 01/11/2022 18/10/2023

If you would like to contact the Governing body please contact the office.