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 Would you like to join us on the Governing Body?

We are currently looking for members of the community to join us on the Governing Body of the Elson & Gomer Infant School Federation.

We would be especially interested in speaking with you if you have expertise/knowledge with regard to property management or income generation.

However, if you have an interest in education, and a passion to ensure that we continue to provide the children with a safe, nurturing, happy environment in which together we can all shine, then we would very much like to hear from you!

Please notify the administrative staff at either school if you are interested in this rewarding role and they will put you in touch with a governor for a chat.

Name Category Appointed by Term of Office(no. of years & end date) Committee membership Responsibilities Voting Rights (if Associate Member)
Gordon Duff Co-opted GB 4 28/06/2019 Quality Teaching, Learning Outcomes and Assessments (QTLO&A) committee
Leadership, Behaviour, Personal Developmentand Welfare (LBPD&W) committee
Chair of Governors
Development and training Governor
Richard Gell Parent Parents 4 28/06/2019 LBPD&W committee Chair of LBPD&W committee Community Engagement Governor
Maureen Hughes Co-opted GB 4 28/06/2019 QTLO&A committee Chair of QTLO&A committee
Inclusion Governor
Jess Walton Parent          RESIGNED JAN 2018 Parents 4 28/06/2019 LBPD&W committee EYFS Link Governor
Tina Mears Co-opted GB 4 28/06/2019 QTLO&A committee  Inclusion Governor
Debby Marshall Executive Head Teacher QTLO&A committee
LBPD&W committee
Tim Wood LEA GB 4 28/06/2019 LBPD&W committee Vice Chair of Governors  Safeguarding Governor
Tony Sheppard Co-opted GB 4 04/12/2019 QTLO&A committee
Tara Piggott Staff Governor GB 4 17/05/2021  QTLO&A committee
Elizabeth Sullivan-Stark Co-opted RESIGNED AUG 2018 GB 4 19/09/2021 QTLO&A committee Designated Training Governor (DTG)
Sam Mason Co-opted GB 4 19/09/2021 LBPD&W committee Health and Safety Governor
Pete Pease Associate Member RESIGNED AUG 2018 GB 4 19/09/2021 QTLO&A committee Full committee voting rights
Jason Mick Co-opted GB 4 01/11/2021 LBPD&W & Pay committee
Nicci Atkinson Associate Member GB 4 QTLO&A committee Full committee voting rights
Emma Lindsay Parent Governor Parents 4 13/03/2023 QTLO&A committee
Eva Molea Clerk

Name Name of Business Including: Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
Gordon Duff National Leader of Governance (NLG)
Associate Tutor – Hampshire Governor Services
Chair of  Governors – Harbour School, PortsmouthCo-opted Governor – Glenwood School
School Governance
School Governance
School Governance
Governing Body Support (both roles) 26/03/2015
Richard Gell NIL 19/09/2018
Maureen Hughes Governor of Newtown School  School Governance  Governing body  01/09/2016 10/11/2018
Sam Mason Lucrs Ltd  Waste Management  Director  04/08/2017 20/09/2017
Tara Piggott Teacher at Gomer Infant School School Teacher 01/09/2011 13/09/2018
Tina Mears
Learning Support Assistant (LSA) at Elson Infant School School LSA 29/04/2015 13/11/2018
Debby Marshall Castle Fire Protection LTD
Executive Head Teacher (EHT) of The Federation of Elson and Gomer Infant Schools
Fire Alarms
Tim Wood MOD Employee MOD Military 19/09/2018
Tony Sheppard NIL 19/09/2018
Jason Mick NIL 24/09/2018
Nicci Atkinson Little Barn Owls – Rowner Family Centre Pre School Head of Rowner Family Centre 01/09/2017 19/09/2018
Emma Lindsay NIL 09/03/2019
Eva Molea Working for HCC Children Service ETHNIC MINORITY AND TRAVELLER ACHIEVEMENT SERVICE Support Work related 13/04/2016 10/10/2018

If you would like to contact the Governing body please contact the office.

  • Mr Duff
  • Mr Gell
  • Mr Mason
  • Mr Mick
  • Mr Sheppard
  • Mr Wood
  • Mrs Hughes
  • Mrs Marshall
    Executive Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding
  • Mrs Mears
  • Ms Atkinson
  • Ms Piggott